TaackEnumName (taack-ui 0.3.9-SNAPSHOT API)
Package: taack.ast.annotation

[Groovy] Annotation Type TaackEnumName

    • taack.ast.annotation.TaackEnumName
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      @java.lang.annotation.Retention(value: RetentionPolicy.SOURCE)
      @java.lang.annotation.Target(value: [ElementType.FIELD])
      @interface TaackEnumName

      Class annotation that trigger AST Transformations and duplicate user symbols with their '_' underscore counterpart. Underscore added symbols return additional information (see the FieldInfo class) to be used on UI closures (in taack-ui gradle module)


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          Type Params Return Type Name and description
          abstract java.lang.String name()
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        • abstract java.lang.String name()