GetMethodReturn (taack-ui 0.4.0-SNAPSHOT API)
Package: taack.ast.type

[Groovy] Class GetMethodReturn<T>

    • taack.ast.type.GetMethodReturn

    • @groovy.transform.CompileStatic
      final class GetMethodReturn<T>
      extends java.lang.Object

      FieldInfo counterpart for getters. Not used outside show, because we cannot filter or save data from getters.

      Type Parameters:
      T - The return type of the getter.

      • Properties Summary

          Type Name and description
          java.lang.reflect.Method  method
          T  value
      • Constructor Summary

          Constructor and description
          GetMethodReturn (java.lang.reflect.Method method, T value)
      • Inherited Methods Summary

          Inherited Methods 
          Methods inherited from class Name
          class java.lang.Object java.lang.Object#wait(long, int), java.lang.Object#wait(), java.lang.Object#wait(long), java.lang.Object#equals(java.lang.Object), java.lang.Object#toString(), java.lang.Object#hashCode(), java.lang.Object#getClass(), java.lang.Object#notify(), java.lang.Object#notifyAll()
      • Property Detail

        • final java.lang.reflect.Method method

        • final T value

      • Constructor Detail

        • GetMethodReturn(java.lang.reflect.Method method, T value)