GanttEntry (taack-ui 0.4.0-SNAPSHOT API)
Package: taack.domain.graph.gantt

[Groovy] Class GanttEntry

    • taack.domain.graph.gantt.GanttEntry

    • @groovy.transform.CompileStatic
      final class GanttEntry
      extends java.lang.Object

      Low level class to draw read-only Gantt diagrams (WiP)

      • Nested Class Summary

          Nested classes 
          Modifiers Name Description
          static enum  GanttEntry.Color
          static enum  GanttEntry.Relation
          static enum  GanttEntry.Temporality HAPPEN: The end date is the previous Gantt entry end date LASTS_DAYS: The end date is start + lastInDays SEPARATOR: Draw an horizontal line
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          java.lang.String toString()
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          class java.lang.Object java.lang.Object#wait(long, int), java.lang.Object#wait(), java.lang.Object#wait(long), java.lang.Object#equals(java.lang.Object), java.lang.Object#toString(), java.lang.Object#hashCode(), java.lang.Object#getClass(), java.lang.Object#notify(), java.lang.Object#notifyAll()
      • Property Detail

        • java.lang.Integer lastsDays

        • final java.lang.String name

        • java.lang.String note

        • final java.lang.Long objectId

        • java.util.List<grails.util.Pair<Relation, GanttEntry>> relations

        • java.util.Date start

        • java.lang.Integer week

      • Constructor Detail

        • GanttEntry(java.lang.Long objectId, java.lang.String name, GanttEntry.Temporality temporality, java.util.Date start, java.lang.Integer lastsDays, GanttEntry.Color color)


          objectId - The object ID represented by this entry
          name - The label printed
          temporality - Way duration of the Gantt Entry is defined (SEPARATOR: No duration, HAPPEN: relative duration)
          start - Start date
          lastsDays - Number of days the Gantt last is temporality parameter is LASTS_DAYS
          color - Gant entry color

      • Method Detail

        • @java.lang.Override java.lang.String toString()