BlockActionSpec (taack-ui 0.3.8 API)
Package: taack.ui.base.block

[Groovy] Class BlockActionSpec

    • taack.ui.base.block.BlockActionSpec

    • @groovy.transform.CompileStatic
      final class BlockActionSpec
      extends java.lang.Object

      Class allowing to list actions in tables, shows, filterTables and charts header

      • Method Detail

        • void action(java.lang.String i18n, taack.ui.base.common.ActionIcon icon, org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.MethodClosure action, java.lang.Long id, boolean isAjaxRendering)

          Display an action icon

          i18n - Hover text
          icon - icon to display
          action - target action when clicked
          id - ID parameter
          isAjaxRendering - has to be true if target action is ajax

        • void outsideAction(java.lang.String i18n, taack.ui.base.common.ActionIcon icon, java.lang.String baseUrl, java.util.Map params)

          Display a button that opens an url outside of the intranet in a new tab

          i18n - Translation that will be displayed when hovering the button
          icon - Button icon
          baseUrl - The base url of the website which will be opened
          params - A map of the params that will be passed as GET, directly after baseUrl (See Utils.paramsString for parsing of the map into GET params)