ShowSpec (taack-ui 0.3.8 API)

[Groovy] Class ShowSpec


      • @groovy.transform.CompileStatic
        class ShowSpec
        extends SectionSpec

        UiShowSpecifier delegated class

        This class allows to add fields to show, with some style. The show block element is not editable.

        • Method Detail

          • void section(java.lang.String sectionName, @groovy.lang.DelegatesTo(strategy: Closure.DELEGATE_FIRST, value: SectionSpec) groovy.lang.Closure closure)

            Add section to group field together

            sectionName - label of the section
            closure - list of fields to display

          • void showAction(java.lang.String i18n, java.lang.String controller, java.lang.String action, java.lang.Long id, java.util.Map params, boolean isAjax)

            Link action to insert in the show block

            i18n - label of the action
            controller - controller targeted by a click on the link
            action - action targeted by a click on the link
            id - object ID to pass
            params - additional params
            isAjax - if true, target action is an ajax one