UiFormSpecifier (taack-ui 0.5.2-SNAPSHOT API)
Package: taack.ui.dsl

[Groovy] Class UiFormSpecifier

    • taack.ui.dsl.UiFormSpecifier

    • @groovy.transform.CompileStatic
      final class UiFormSpecifier
      extends java.lang.Object

      Class allowing to manipulate the form to display in a block (see BlockSpec.form).

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        • java.lang.Object aObject

        • groovy.lang.Closure closure

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        • UiFormSpecifier()

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        • UiFormSpecifier ui(java.lang.Object aObject, FieldInfo[] lockedFields, @groovy.lang.DelegatesTo(strategy: Closure.DELEGATE_ONLY, value: FormSpec) groovy.lang.Closure closure)

          Allow to draw the form

          aObject - object the form is applied
          lockedFields - read only fields. This parameter should also be passed to the save method (declared in the crew app)
          closure - description of the form