FormSpec (taack-ui 0.5.2-SNAPSHOT API)
Package: taack.ui.dsl.form

[Groovy] Class FormSpec

          • taack.ui.dsl.form.FormSpec

          • @groovy.transform.CompileStatic
            final class FormSpec
            extends FormRowSpec

            UiFormSpecifier.ui delegated class.

            This class allow to draw a form. A form is composed of sections, field and tabs.

            A form is included into a block calling BlockSpec.form.

            Should help with autocompletion and static typing validation of the fields of the form that are displayed in the browser.

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              • void formAction(org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.MethodClosure action, java.lang.Long id, java.util.Map params, ButtonStyle style)

                form action. The form is POSTed to the target action.

                i18n - label of the button
                action - methodClosure pointing to the action
                id - id param
                params - additional params
                isAjax - if true, the action is of ajax kind (either open a modal or updating part of the page, without reloading the page)

              • void formAction(java.lang.String i18n, java.lang.String url, ButtonStyle style)