Configure LibreOffice to use Jdk 17

Click on tools Tools > Options, then in the Options - LibreOffice - User Data dialog, click on LibreOffice > Advanced in the tree.

The checkbox Use a Java runtime environment must be checked, and verify a JRE version 17 is detected.

If not, install Java 17 and repeat the process. You can click on Add button and follow the procedure if it is not detected, but you know it is installed.

lo java17 conf
Figure 1. Java 17 is detected and selected

Click on Apply or Ok button.

Add the Jar Driver

Go back to the advanced dialog.

Click on Class Path…​, in the Dialog, click on Add Archive…​, select the file you downloaded.

lo java17 driver conf
Figure 2. Driver Added to the Runtime

Click on Ok button.

Create a LibreOffice Base File

Open LibreOffice, Click on Base Database

Select JDBC

lo base databaseWizard 1
Figure 3. Step 1: Select JDBC

Click on Next button.

Enter Driver Location in Jar

jdbc: taack:localhost:8080/taack

Replace localhost and port by your instance URL and port.

JDBC driver class: taack.jdbc.client.TaackDriver

lo base databaseWizard 2
Figure 4. Step 2: Driver Connection String

Set username

The User name must be an active user of your Intranet application (with ROLE_ADMIN or ROLE_JDBC_ADMIN).

lo base databaseWizard 3

Click on Finish button, set a file name

Usage In Base

Open the file saved on previous step, enter your password when prompted.

lo base tables screenshot
Figure 5. Tables read by the driver

Click on Queries button, then on Create Query in SQL View

Do not use wizard. The Intranet use TQL Language for querying data, LibreOffice does not know about this language.
lo base queries screenshot

Before being able to type queries, click on Run SQL Command directly

lo base queries designer screenshot

Now, you can type your TQL queries…​

Usage In Calc

Once you create some queries, and saved them, you can access data directly from Calc.

Open Query as a pivot table

Data > Pivot Table then Data source in registered Calc

lo calc datasrouce screenshot

Select the file you save your Queries, enter your Intranet password, then you have to select the Datasource.

lo calc datasrouce 2

Here I choose Query, and select Users query.

lo calc pivotTable layout

That’s it. You can edit your pivot table according to your needs.

lo calc pivotTable results

As a datasource