The Intranet Sample App is a modular Gradle application. You can get instructions to run it clicking on: Install Sample Intranet.

Intranet Sample App Directory Layout

IntranetRoot DirectoryappApplication Modules DirectorycrewMandatory base app to manage usersappModule1First application (Gradle module)appModule2Second application...And so onbuildSrcGradle Build InstructionsserverServer Root Application (Grails app)gradleGradle binariesbuild.gradlesettings.gradlegradle.propertiesgradlew

app directory

Hold grails plugins (or Gradle modules) that compose the Intranet application. Those plugins should have minimal dependencies to maximize reusability by others.

crew directory

Part of the application responsible for user management, only mandatory app that currently holds the Taack services.

server directory

Grails application holding global configuration, common translations, static shared assets, and the root page.

The server grails application depends on all application modules (or Grails plugins) defined in the app directory that are desired.

infra directory

Holds the sources of the taack-ui plugin.

infraInfra sources (see below)browserBrowser code (Kotlin transpiled in Javascript)taack-jdbc-commonCommon JDBC codetaack-jdbc-clientClient JDBC codetaack-uiTaack User Interface codegradleGradle binariesbuild.gradlesettings.gradlegradle.propertiesgradlew
  • browser folder contains code that will be executed into the browser

  • taack-jdbc-common common classes shared between taack-ui and taack-jdbc-client

  • taack-jdbc-client the JDBC driver (see taack-jdbc-driver)