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Form Validation

screenshot form validation
Figure 1. Localized form

When saving an object, errors are reported, localized, with no additional cost…​

See Grails documentation on Constraints Usage to check your object validity before saving.

Code Sample

Form code sample 1.
def userForm(User user) {
    user ?= new User(params)

    UiFormSpecifier f = new UiFormSpecifier()   (1)
    f.ui user, {                                (2)
        section "User", {                       (3)
            field user.username_                (4)
            field user.firstName_
            field user.lastName_
            ajaxField user.manager_,            (5)
                this.&selectUserM2O as MC
            field user.password_
        section "Coords", {
            field user.businessUnit_
            field user.mail_
            field user.subsidiary_
        section "Status", {
            field user.enabled_
            field user.accountExpired_
            field user.accountLocked_
            field user.passwordExpired_
        formAction this.&saveUser as MC, (6)

    UiBlockSpecifier b = new UiBlockSpecifier()  (7)
    b.ui {
        modal {
            form "User Form", f, BlockSpec.Width.MAX
    taackUiService.show(b)                 (8)
  1. Create the form

  2. Pass object to be edited and spec of the form

  3. Section called user

  4. Basic field, terminating with an underscore, those symbols are generated by Taack AST on class with the TaackFieldEnum annotation

  5. Many-To-One relation, the action selectUserM2O will open a popup to select the manager of the user

  6. Specify an action where the form will be sent to. Here it is saveUser, it will save the user

  7. Create the block in a modal

  8. Display it …​

screenshot dsl user form2
Figure 2. Form inside a modal Window.

DSL Symbols Hierarchy

Figure 3. Symbols hierarchy diagram for Form DSL

DSL Elements


  • hiddenField: add an input of type hidden into the form.

  • field: add an input with a label.

  • ajaxField: add a many 2 many or many to one field. The MethodClosure must point to a block showing a modal window


  • section: add a form section, optionally Width of the section

  • col: Allows splitting section into columns


  • formAction: Label, action called, params of the action (either id and map), is ajax