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This DSL is used to display information with limited edition capabilities. Field can be styled.

UiShowSpecifier s = new UiShowSpecifier()
s.ui partner, {
    section "Partner", {
        fieldAction "Test Icon",
            ActionIcon.SHOW * ActionIconStyleModifier.SCALE_DOWN, (1)
            this.&showContact as MC, partner.id, false
        field partner.name_, Style.EMPHASIS + Style.BLUE          (2)
        field partner.branding
        field partner.address?.country
  1. Icon has to be scaled down in order to feet near the field labeled "Name"

  2. We see we can add style to create combinations of style

screenshot dsl show
Figure 1. Coresponding Rendering

DSL Symbols Hierarchy

Figure 2. Symbols hierachy diagram for Menu DSL