Create a non-lazy service

Enabling Jdbc for User domain class
package crew

import grails.compiler.GrailsCompileStatic
import org.taack.User

import javax.annotation.PostConstruct

import static taack.base.TaackJdbcService.Jdbc

class CrewJdbcService {

    static lazyInit = false (1)

    @PostConstruct (2)
    private static void init() {
        def u = new User()
                u.username_, u.mail_,
                u.subsidiary_, u.firstName_,
                u.lastName_, u.businessUnit_,
                u.enabled_) (3)
  1. The service must not be lazily initialized since it does not need to be injected somewhere

  2. Method listing domain class columns available through TQL

  3. Step 3 can be repeated for all domain classes