UiBlockSpecifier (taack-ui 0.5.2-SNAPSHOT API)
Package: taack.ui.dsl

[Groovy] Class UiBlockSpecifier

    • taack.ui.dsl.UiBlockSpecifier

    • @groovy.transform.CompileStatic
      final class UiBlockSpecifier
      extends java.lang.Object

      Class assembling graphical elements to display. All graphical elements are displayed in a block. A block is drawn with TaackUiService.show to the browser.

      A simple code sample:

      // showUser is a regular Grails action
        def showUser(User u) {
            taackUiSimpleService.show(<b>new UiBlockSpecifier()</b>.ui {
                modal {
                    ajaxBlock 'showUser', {
                        show u.username, crewUiService.buildUserShow(u), BlockSpec.Width.MAX

      See BlockSpec for possible associations

      • Properties Summary

          Type Name and description
          groovy.lang.Closure  closure
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      • Property Detail

        • groovy.lang.Closure closure

      • Constructor Detail

        • UiBlockSpecifier()

      • Method Detail

        • UiBlockSpecifier ui(@groovy.lang.DelegatesTo(strategy: Closure.DELEGATE_FIRST, value: BlockSpec) groovy.lang.Closure closure)

          Describe the block to display (see BlockSpec)

          closure - the description of the elements to display